I don΄t want to have bad surprises when I pick up the vehicle - are there any aditional charge or taxes?
The rental price includes al coresponding charges you have chosen in the reservation. A listing of those charges will appear in the corfimation of your reservation. the price will be garantied for the confirmed reservation. Only extra charges like airportfees(when not listed in reservation or confirmation) can alter the endprice.

How is the price for the rental calculated?
The rental is calculated with the information given during the reservation. The final price includes al information given during the reservation process. At our office our employees will go through all the charges toghether with you to asure that all extras are fullfilled.

How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?
At the end of the reservation process you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation and all details of your reservation. If you don΄t receive this mail, your reservation is nor confirmed.

Is the required insurance included in the rental?
When you rent a vehicle from AutosIbiza.com the basic insurance is always included, without any extra costs.

How can I obtain detailes about the insurance-excess, the amounts and ways of charge in case of damages?
The ecxess rate vary acording to vehicle groups. Please consult us for exact information for the vehicle you wish to rent.

If there are damages/losses at the return of the vehicle wich have not existed at the beginning of the rental period, those damages/losses will be charged.

Do I need a special drivers licence to drive a van?
Almost all vans can be driven with a normal driving licence. Please consult us for further information

Can I obtain confirmation about the vehicle i chose?
AutosIbiza.com only garanties and confirms the vehicle group, not exact models .

How does AutosIbiza.com protect mi personal information and those of my Credit Card?
The service of online reservation goes over a secured server, to ensure a maximum of security. This system uses SSL encryption (Secure Socket layer).Those SSL encriptions codify all cominication between your computer and our server in such a way that no third can interced. Using the privat net of Spanish Banks, we can garantie the 3D-secure system by VISA.

Can I contract aditional insurances?
You can contract aditional insurances at our office.

Shall I inspect the state of the vehicle before I leave the office ?
Yes, please look carefuly at the damage-report of the car. Toghether with you we will compare mentioned report with the actual state of the vehicle. If any damages are found wich are not mentioned on the report, it will be modified.

Which documents do I need to present at the office of AutosIbiza.com when I pick up the vehicle?
A valid drivers licence with a minimum of 2 your of emison (depending on vehicle), a passport and a valid Credit Card.Those documents (driverslicence and passport) are also required.

My driving licence has been stole, can I present a report to hire a car?
No, in spain you can not present a report to hire a car. It is absolutely necessary you present a valid original of the drinving licence.

Can I reserve a vehicle and pay for it, even if I am not the one who is going to collect and drive it?
No. The Lessor must present himself at the office with all his documents and his Credit Card and he must be part of the contract and sign the contract. This is also the case at the return.

I forgot to bring my driving licence, can i still pick up the vehicle?
No, the original driving licence is necesary to rent a vehicle.

What do I need to rent a Luxory car?
In order to rent a luxory car you will need two Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard).

For further information please contact us.